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Having trained in the Martial Arts for over 51 years and earned Black Belt ranking in 6 different styles by training with some World renowned Grandmasters, I have a healthy respect for the way Master Roger Overholt runs his Overholt Karate Studio. He has a high regard for the Traditional arts while giving his students a workable knowledge of the "Modern" arts. Crosstraining gives students the best of "all" worlds. Grandmaster William L. Mason ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the following testimonials, OKS stands for - Overholt Karate Studio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Testimonial in 5 aspects Team: I have been a part of the Overholt Karate Studio now for several years and thoroughly enjoy it. We have a great team with a unique mix of individuals. It is interesting to see how young and mature come together and work for everyone’s success. Everyone is able to let down their guard and simply be who they are. We encourage those who are struggling with some aspect of training and applaud those who execute moves with graceful dexterity. Teaching style: Sensei Overholt’s approach is highly eclectic because of several decades of training under masters of different disciplines and therefore draws admired senseis who consider it an honor to assist in teaching. There is always a black belt available, who is eager to assist, before and after class when extra instruction is needed. Effectiveness: The techniques practiced at OKS hold a combination of traditionalism and modern effective self-defense. If it doesn’t work in real life it isn’t practiced in the dojo. Community involvement: The dojo team doesn’t just serve its members, but goes outside to serve others in need. My children and I have enjoyed serving at agencies that help children in need, homeless families and disadvantaged individuals of the community. Workout: The workouts enable people to gain strength, flexibility and endurance at whatever level they find themselves. There is never rivalry because we all recognize that we have strengths and weaknesses and want to see each other advance. Dr. Gary Brewster OKS Team Member --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roger, I have been a practitioner of Karate for the past 40 years. During my time at OKS I have learned new techniques and new ways of thinking about Karate and I have had tremendous growth during that time. The OKS school is very versatile consisting of Jujitsu, MMA, Self Defense, as well as Karate. This has enhanced my understanding of the style of karate I have studied for so long and I believe that it has greatly improved my technique. I feel that I am better prepared to defend myself than at any time in my karate life and that my karate has been enhanced at the OKS School. I look forward to continuing my journey with OKS! JAMES M. WARNER ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning, I have been active in martial arts for 35 years and trained in many different schools. OKS offers students a true mixed martial arts experience (traditional, self defense, MMA/ grappling, and Jiu jitsu) in a very family oriented environment! I enjoy working out with my OKS family. I feel that everyone should be active participants in life. Therefore, if you want to be part of life, you must engage it! OKS is a great place to get active! Melinda Reese ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chief Overholt, As a Reserve Officer with the Morristown Police Department I found this training to be very helpful. The one minute drills drove home the point how quickly one can easily tire and the need of being in good shape. These one minute drills emphasized not only throwing punches but transitioning from fighting on the ground to fighting standing up. I recommend these training techniques as it will give you the confidence to defend yourself. Paul E. Brown ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roger, After starting a weight loss program, I began regularly training with OKS. I supplemented my exercise program with the OKS workouts. I lost 65 lbs in under a year. Logan Young --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am impressed with Sensei Overholt’s passion for all of his students to improve and do their best. It is clear that he wants all of his students to become the best version of themselves, not just in Karate but in everything they do. Christian Newman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Law enforcement defensive tactics classes are often either too complicated for the average officer or based on techniques that simply do not work on the streets. Overholt’s course was an exception. The class had the right balance between lecture, demonstration and physical training. The skills taught were applicable to real situations officers will likely find themselves in. As equally important, I came away from the class reminded of the importance of having an “I will win” attitude. Nathan W. Antrican -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a newcomer to the Overholt’s Karate Studio, I arrived with no experience in defense training or martial instruction. The Senseis and dojo students have been very accepting and patient to help during exercises, drills or when practicing traditional sport karate. In the few months that I have been an apprentice, I have observed the following. Dojo Culture: Overholt’s Karate Studio is one of balancing development through various forms of modern day training, while being attentive to a distinct connection to Karate history and tradition. Diverse approach: Overholt’s Karate Studio collaborates with other training gyms to provide those educated at the dojo access to multiple training styles, using a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to learning martial arts. Application: Students educated with Master Overholt, or his collaborative team, learn traditional katas along with their direct relevance to self-defense, occupation, or law enforcement. Take away: Each session includes a take away principle or key concept that can be gained from or acted upon in daily living. Purpose: Overholt’s Karate Studio is a place where integrous relationships are developed, while pursuing excellence in the martial arts and refining combat caliber, within friendly contest. Yolanda Brewster return to home page